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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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commission. we are just proud to be a part of this great community event. >> we started this 3 years ago, this thing called met pole. it was part of sunday to participate in a pedestrian oriented family way. 3 years later. the ping-pong festival has taken on by itself and wanted to take on the diplomacy for china and also to focus on a community of youth, family
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and seniors to play ping-pong and pick up this exercise for all to participate in this community. a long time ago when i was little, i played for years on and off. now from the master, the station, he's been getting me back into ping-pong. i'm excited to play with the mayor and everybody else today. >> mr. wong said it was a tough match. it was very exciting when it got to two. you didn't know who was going to win. and then he has some from his friends on the side to win this match. >> he's really good. a little bit better than i expected. we'll have a rematch later on.
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>> even though in the beginning level, it was really competitive against the police department and he takes it like a great relationship with the community. >> playing with table tennis club since 1997. i'm one of the founders of this club and now our members starting from 7 people to now more than 200 members. >> i have been playing ping-pong for about 8 months. my dad taught me how to play ping-pong and i have watched it on computers and then i tried it myself. >> a lot of people like this sport and it's increasing a lot of the members. >> i think all of the different youth and seniors and families really get something out of this. it is also a way to
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participate. it's great to have so many organizations that are reflective of what they do everyday and come out and play ping-pong. >>visit us at and click on buzz, thanks for watching. >> hey there, san francisco, here with the weekly buzz, it is september, and you know what that means? it is summer time in san francisco. you want to burn some calories while enjoying the great views enjoy a work out this friday, they are different each week and exist with the work outs including running hill and core, and be ready to feel the burn, after your work out, recharge with the healthy goodies from the farmer's market. this saturday, will feature a free cooking demo and check out
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the class at eleven and rock out with treats and recipes. >> the 33rd annual comedy day is the event for you, laugh your socks off with a full line up of 40 comedian and this free, five hour comedy show is the biggest biggest day of the year in san francisco so don't miss it, and that is the weekly buzz, for more information on any of these events, visit


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